About Us


My Health Vision

As an accredited pharmacist, I see so many people with chronic diseases which are lifestyle driven.

My vision is to provide healthy living through a range of health  services such as medication reviews, functional nutrition, genomic wellness testing and analysis of the microbiome.



With over 25 years as a pharmacist, Csilla Burt is accredited  to perform medication management reviews, quality use of medication audits and clinical education sessions. 

Csilla specialises in aged care and is certified as a geriatric pharmacist. It was through her work in this area and her exposure to conditions and diseases associated with ageing that set her on the path to helping people "age well" 

She is an accredited genomic wellness, microbiome and pharmacogenomic practitioner, a functional nutrition consultant with a holistic approach, Csilla is able to provide you with a tailored road map to achieve your best health potential.


My philosophy is to look at a person holistically to work out the steps they need to take to set them on a path of ageing well. 

Knowledge of a person’s diet and lifestyle, the combination of medications they are taking, interpreting their pathology (blood tests), their genetic strengths and weaknesses, a profile of their gut microbes and relating this all back to choices that can be made to improve their wellness. Looking at a person from all these angles, in collaboration with their medical professionals, gives someone a 360 degree view of themselves which allows us to develop a lifestyle plan specifically tailored to their makeup.

Education around causes of our sickness epidemic and provision of practical steps to changing that trajectory.  Reducing the burden of multiple medications. Providing a different perspective. In some instances a medication is being taken to treat a symptom of a condition,  if the underlying cause is addressed (in the case of chronic diseases, this is lifestyle-related), will lead to better outcomes. I can make that link for people.